After months of preparing our new website and new products tomorrow Feb. 12th is the big reveal. Drum roll please!!!! After multiple platform switches and trial in errors of new products I can comfortably say we are ready! I decided to hold off on loading more earrings to this months launch because I want to do one special release for just earrings sometime in the near future. They deserve their own spotlight with the labor of love they require to make. 

 INDIGO BOX will be going out the second week of March and the bracelet featured in the first month is AMAZING! They will also feature a monthly art card that will sit in the lid made from Lindsey Hutchison @mylifeofsketch artist. She will be the featured artist that creates our insprational quote and art piece each month. These cards can be removed and kept or can be left randomly out and about for someone to find. A little surprise pick me up may be just what someone not doing too well mentally might need. I know I would love to find one. You could even write a little message on the back of them too! So many kind possibilities that this world could use more of right now. :)

We have some AMAZING collaborations coming up with some amazing shops so be sure to keep checking us out over on Instagram @indigoandarrow to get sneek peaks and release dates too of those products. 

Lastly,  we are so excited about and currently working on, our magazine feature focusing on Indigo and Arrow and how mental health plays a role in my shop and how I got started on this journey. I am so glad my story is going to be featured in a mental health month for the magazine because sharing my history and experience with anxiety has allowed me to not only get advice and help from others on social media, but has allowed me to help others and talk about it. I am not ashamed to talk about my anxiety and others shouldn't be either. It should be talked about more Actually. 

Well thanks for your continued support of Indigo and arrow and I hope your just as excitied for To launch as we are. Can't wait to see what all your score and hope you share with me on Instagram.