Backwoods Tribal Cuffs


Backwoods Tribal Cuffs
>Twisted-small spiral
>Slim Tribal Cuff -small flat woven
>Twisted Helix Tribal Cuff -chunky twisted tribal

This is NOT for all 3 bracelets. Each bracelet must be purchased by itself by adding each to the cart separately.

Handwoven by myself using a wool and nylon blend of fiber (do not purchase if you have a wool allergy). Attached is a clear logo tag hung on a gold filled jump ring.

This cuff is essentially a one of a kind. Each cuff has the same colors but different looks because the materials used are very variant. Handwoven and is fully adjustable using a sliding knot closure. This bracelet fits wrist sizes 5-8” comfortably.

*each piece is sold separately.

All Indigo + Arrow bracelets are adjustable and so simple to put on. Pull the sides of the bracelet to open it and make it bigger. Slide it over your hand onto your wrist and then pull both tails to tighten it to the perfect fit. Let the tails dangle or tuck them. Please don’t get our bracelets wet or use with perfumes, lotions, or self tanners.

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